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Select SYSTEM ZONE address by adjusting with black arrows. If neither a hard-wired nor a communicated zone temperature value is present, the controller generates a Zone Temp Failure diagnostic. For two-position valves, use actuators with on/off action, and with a spring action trane zone sensor manual on cancel buttons that. Electrocution and Fire Hazards with Improperly Installed and Grounded Field Wiring! Typically used on Various Precedent Units and Voyager Units. Setting Cancel Clean Hold Screen STEP 1 – Setting the 940 Sensor’s address: Done 1. ADJUSTMENT WITH OVERRIDE AND CANCEL BUTTONS, 10K, DIAL, OCCUPIED (BAYSENS074AA) NOTE: KNB00180 (Farenheit) KNB00181 (Celsius) KNB00182 (Cooler/Warmer) Optional Wall Cover Plate available - Part number PLT04561 (ALL SOLD SEPARATELY).

System Zone Setup Number BOTH steps MUST be performed. Ideal for office spaces and classrooms. No further software or hardware is necessary for site evaluation, installation, or maintenance. The ZN analog input is also used to communicate timed override requests and cancel requests to the controller for applications using a Trane zone sensor with ON and CANCEL buttons.

This family of sensors has been developed to. ON/CANCEL buttons) 1 = Wall-mounted zone sensor module (ON/CANCEL buttons, comm. • Tracer SC supports Trane® Wireless COMM, providing standard wireless BACnet over Zigbee™ building automation between Trane BACnet controllers and zone sensors.

At the center of it all is the complete family of Trane sensors featuring wired and wireless models dedicated to providing the accurate, reliable sensing that is critical to keeping HVAC systems running at optimum levels. Zone temperature sensors Table 1 shows trane zone sensor manual on cancel buttons the Trane zone temperature sensors that are supported by the Tracer ZN521 zone controller. through 3 standard walls Wireless Connectivity Range (802. Product Description ® The Trane programmable zone sensor (p/n Xcan be used with UCP, Reliatel, and IntelliPak control units.

® Trane wireless sensor sets are compatible with any Trane unit controller that uses a standard 10 kΩ temperature input. Why won&39;t my digital thermostat stay set to the correct temperature? If this doesn’t work, try resetting your modem. Each manual enlists the most widespread technical failures, suggests possible causes and instructs on how to solve the problem. 5 kW R11, zero W Zone Timed Timed.

Wireless Zone Sensor. 10 and Figure 2, p. The sets include sensor, receiver, wiring harness, and two AA lithium batteries. Trane Voyager 2 Manual Add to Favourites RT-PRC014H-E4 Voyager™ II Rooftop Units Cooling-only TKD-TKHHeat pump WKD-WKHCooling-only with gas-fi red heating YKD-YKHHeat pump with gas-fi red heating DKD/DKHR410A Refrigerant. kind of like driving a Japanese. 11 b/g): Varies with router model and placement Communications: ComfortLink II - 3 wire connection. Trane XPdf User Manuals. Reset the wireless connection and refer to your Trane owner’s manual.

5 Setting Zone Address Indoor Temperature Setting up the 940 Sensor is a two-step process. What is Trane zone sensor? Improperly installed and grounded field wiring poses F. Fan status The controller monitors the fan output status as proof of airflow. Filter maintenance. Most Trane OEM Wired Zone Sensors feature Temperature setpoint control, Fan & System switch, Occupancy override, Comm Module (optional) and Hot/Cold thumbwheel (optional) control. 18/36V Relative Humidity and Temperature Zone Sensor for THC036A, THC048A, THC060A, THC092A, THC102A and THC120A High Efficiency Packaged Units.

Features of the wireless zone sensor include: Compatible with any Trane unit controller. Warnings, Cautions and Notices. This method is cost effective and commonly used on direct-drive fan applications. Simply follow the steps in this instruction manual and begin enjoying the benefits of your new Trane XR402 Comfort Control. Make adjustments where necessary. Testing the Programmable Zone Sensor (PZS) 1. If you need help doing this, consult your owner’s manual or contact your local Trane Comfort Specialist™. trane sen01447 | sensor; zone, room sensor with temperature adjustment with override and cancel buttons, 10k, dial, occupied (baysens074aa) | oem trane part number sen01447 | buy online.

· There were a series of button pushes to get it to work. Xtemperature controller pdf manual download. Part Numbers Dimensional Diagrams See Figure 1, p. Why won&39;t my Nexia™ Thermostat connect to Internet? Database contains 1 Trane Wired Temperature Sensors Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Installation, operation and maintenance manual.

Verify that the PZS has a normal display of time, temperature, fan and system status. Cancel Hold Setup Number System Zone Setting 1 2 3 3. 11 for dimensions of the Wireless Zone Sensor set. Specifications: SENSOR; ZONE, ROOM SENSOR W/TEMP. View and Download Trane Xinstallation, operation and maintenance manual online.

Page - 22 Warranty Pub. jack) 6 = Wireless zone sensor (setpoint dial, occupied/unoccupied buttons) 7 = Wireless display sensor. Tracer zone temperature sensor options BAS order trane zone sensor manual on cancel buttons number Use Fan Zone Timed override buttons Comm jack High Med Low Auto Off Setpoint thumb-wheel Temperature sensor On CancelAny xAny x x x xAny x x x x xAny x x xUnit ventilator xx xx xxxxFan coil x x x x x x x x x x 4190. BOTH steps MUST be performed. Check to see if your thermostat is properly programmed to heat or cool your home depending on the season. on Trane equipment for total occupant comfort and productivity. Factory or Field Installed The information in this manual is applicable to Wireless Zone Sensor sets that are either factory or field installed.

Support for Trane® Wireless COMM • Trane Wireless Comm brings maximum flexibility to your building automation system. Wiring Diagrams XR1, 1. Wired Zoning Sensor with Display As part of your zoning system, the Wired Zoning Sensor with Display acts as both a sensor and a thermostat by allowing you to monitor and adjust the temperature in one specific zone. Zone Sensor Wireless trane zone sensor manual on cancel buttons Range (802. Trane OEM Remote Indoor Sensor for The ComfortLink - SEN01337 / ZZSENSAL0400AA 5. unit operation by the touch of a button on the unit zone sensor. For UCP Micro, disconnect wires from LTB-11 (-) and LTB-12 (+); For ReliaTel controls, disconnect wires from J6-11 and J6-12.

You can also try resetting the thermostat by turning it on and off. Verify unit operation by running unit through test mode. WHY WON&39;T MY DIGITAL THERMOSTAT CONNECT TO THE INTERNET? Your comfort settings are automatically stored in the XR402 Comfort Control’s memory eliminating the need for battery backup in the event of power loss. If you want to perform Trane thermostat troubleshooting, use one of the tables from this page: they provide step-by-step fixing instructions for the most popular Trane thermostat models. Contact your Internet service provider if the problem persists as it could be an issue with your Internet connection.

It might be a problem with your wireless router and modem. Trane SCXG-SVX01B-EN Integrated Comfort Systems Sensors for CV and VAV Applications, CV and VAV Unit Zone Sensor Options, VAV Unit Zone Sensor Option 1 116 Download 116 pages, 2. 0 out of 5 stars 2. The wireless zone sensor allows occupants limited local control of temperature settings and the ability to override the system’s settings at any given time as space becomes occupied or unoccupied. 5 Setting Zone Address Setting up the 940 Sensor is a two-step process. Image shown is for illustration only.

Programmable Zone Sensor. Verify that the Setup Number is “1” and if not adjust it using red/blue arrows. Then you select the zone and adjust the temperature as needed. Valve actuators Valve actuators cannot exceed 12 VA draw at 24 Vac. Unit Ventilator Zone Sensors In addition to the standard zone sensor offering for DDC controls on classroon unit ventilators, the following shows zone sensor options available. Why wont my Nexia thermostat connect to Internet? Trane OEM Wired Programable Sensor with Automatic or Manual Changeover and System Lights.

American Standard / Trane OEM Sensor! If a separate 24V Class 2 power source is used to power the Digital Zone Sensor, terminals TB1-2 (24V GND) and TB2-2(Sensor GND) must be jumpered together at the sensor for the sensor to operate. Trane Wired Temperature Sensors Manuals & User Guides. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Trane Wired Temperature Sensors Temperature Controller. Only 8 left in stock - order soon.

/Unoccupied (Cancel) Button. Digital display indicating the time, day, date, room temperature, current program operating mode and current active stage. STEP 1 – Setting the 940 Sensor’s address: 1.

Can my thermostat be set properly? View online or download Trane XInstallation & Operation Manual. It has the following features: • A liquid crystal display (LCD) with symbols for zone temperature, temperature setpoints, system operating modes, day of the week, time of day, and occupancy settings •. Sensor souce Press to Enable or Disable Scheduling Con˜gure 1-Touch Presets (when Scheduling is enabled, only Away setting is available) Press to modify screen brightness, backlight timer, screensaver and color theme Manually set the Date, Time and Time Zone Press to view network information Set system maintenance and service reminders. The BAYSENS073AA sensor is a temperature room sensor with occupancy override and cancel buttons, 10K COMM module provides local RJ22 connection to Trane service tools for easy, low cost maintenance Hot/cold thumbwheel which allows the tenant to choose a temperature setpoint relative to their zone.

Wall and Unit Mounted qAUTO/OFF fan speed switch qExternal adjustable thumbwheel qTIMED OVERRIDE/CANCEL buttons qHIGH/LOW/AUTO/OFF fan speed switch qExternal adjustable. jack) 2 = Wall-mounted zone sensor module (OALHMH, setpoint dial, ON/CANCEL, comm. Additionally, users can press the CANCEL button at any time to place the unit back into unoccupied mode. Page 8: Part Numbers. 5 kΩ Zone Timed Timed override RT1 thermistor, temperature override On SW1 Ω 10 k at 25°C Cancel SW2 Signal common Dwg source:Temperature sensors with fan control XR9, 1. Your thermostat may not be set properly. jack) 4 = Wall-mounted digital zone sensor (OALMH, setpoint, ON/CANCEL, comm. (For instance, to recalibrate the unit, you hold the &39;exit&39; and &39;outdoor temp&39; buttons at the same time until &39;12 HR&39; displays, then you push the &39;heat/cool&39; button until you see &39;CAL&39;.

When the sensor indicates the need, heated or cooled air is directed to the necessary zone for unprecedented comfort. timed override On and timed override Cancel information as sent by the sensor.

Trane zone sensor manual on cancel buttons

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